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UltraTherm® New Generation Reinforcement Steel Bar

Their continuous efforts and experience made company to produced variety of Steel products which are highly appreciated across the market for their uncompromised quality and optimum finishing standards.


New Generation Steel Reinforcement Bar From Torsteel Group.
UltraTherm® is a high strength and high bond Reinforcing Steel conforming To Fe550 Grade (Tor-55) of IS 1786-2008.
UltraTherm® Reinforcement Steel Bars of Fe550 Grade are stronger by 10 - 15% over Fe500 TMT Bars.

UltraTherm® TMT Bars WeldMesh

UltraTherm Fe-550 D Grade Steel Bars Satisfy all the physical and Chemical parameter as per IS 1786-2008, grade B500A as per BS 4449 : 2009 for yield strength of 500Mpa and tensile strength/yield ratio of 1.02 for sizes below8mm
The Elongation will be Min. 14.5 % to satisfy the BIS earthquake code for ductile detailing.

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