Galvanized Chain Link Fencing

Galvanized Chain Link Fencing

We under the Brand of UltraTherm manufacturecomprehensiverangeof GalvanizedChainLinkFencingwhichare usedinfencingofGardens,TennisCourts,FarmLands,ResidentialCampus/BoundaryLayouts andpoultryFarms. This Chain Link Fencing is available in varied specifications of width, Length, Sizes and Heights. We also manufacturecustomizedchainlinkfencing withcustomerrequiredspecifications.

UltraTherm Chain Link Fencing quality like its anti Corrosion property , high strength and rigidity distinguish it from other brands of Chain Link Fencing wire .


  • • AsperIS:2721:2003
  • • Precisely Designed
  • • Anti Corrosive Wire used
  • • Customised Corner Locking

Technical Specification (Weight In KG)

SIZE (Space x Height x Length) 14SWG 12SWG 10SWG 8SWG
2.0”x4‘x50‘ 22KG 36KG 48KG 85KG
2.25”x4’x50‘ 20KG 32KG 43KG 76KG
2.5“x4’x50‘ 16KG 27KG 36KG 64KG
3.0”x4’x50’ 14KG 22KG 33KG 59KG
4.0”x4’x100‘ 22KG 37KG 48KG 87Kg
5“x5‘x 100’ 21KG 33KG 44KG 78KG