TMT Bars WeldMesh


UltraTherm Fe-550 D Grade Steel Bars Satisfy all the physical and Chemical parameter as per IS 1786-2008, grade B500A as per BS 4449 : 2009 for yield strength of 500Mpa and tensile strength/yield ratio of 1.02 for sizes below8mm

The Elongation will be Min. 14.5 % to satisfy the BIS earthquake code for ductile detailing.

Our internal production process assure the limit of carbon content below to 0.18 % of UltraTherm® Steel Bars hence ensuring fast and guaranteed weldability.

The WeldMesh manufactured with the above specification satisfy the requirement of BS 4483 for WeldMesh and all relevant Indian Standards.

Sailient Feature of UltraTherm® Steel Bars WeldMesh :

  • • Immediate Savings in Cost, Labour and Time.
  • • Reduced Wastage and Scraps
  • • Provides the only practical and easy solution for reinforcing slabs on Ground.
  • • Stronger bonding Between steel Bars due to Welding.

Product Specification :

DiameterofBars: 4.5MM to 12MM