Barbed Wire

Barbed wire is one of the most widely used products for fencing purposes. Its application for security purposes ranging from not just residential homes but also industrial area and agricultural , Cattle farms. Its characterized twisted wire with barbs placed at proportionate intervals. The reason for its wide popularity is because it's easy to use and is high economical.

UltraTherm Chain Link Fencing quality like its anti Corrosion property , high strength and rigidity distinguish it from other brands of Chain Link Fencing wire.

Barbed Wire manufactured and marketed by Suchi Steel Private Limited under trade marks UltraTherm is of the optimum quality with IS : 278 standards and compliances. The Barbed wire manufactured under registered trademarks UltraTherm is the best in class with the sharpest Barb at proportionate interval resulting in peace of mind to the consumer.

Salient Features

Manufactured from superior quality Hot Dip Galvanised Iron ( HDGI ).

Made as per IS : 278 specifications with uniform distances between barbs with best in class sharpness.

Manufactured by Lowa type double twisting as per Is : 278 Standards using updated Modern Machine.

Dimensionally accurate

Resistant to weather Condition.

Technical Specification

UltraTherm Barbed wire is produced out of Hot Galvanised Iron . It is made from two twisted strands of wire with four sharped barbed points. The different types of GI Barbed wire that are usually made are as follows : We cater a wide range of Barbed wire, according to the combination of any of the specifications mentioned above. The approximate Length per Kilogram in Meters are as follows :

TYPES (SWG ) 3” Barb Spacing 4” Barb Spacing 5” Barb Spacing
12 x 12 6.06 Mtrs 6.76 Mtrs 7.27 Mtrs
12 x 14 7.33 Mtrs 7.91 Mtrs 8.30 Mtrs
13 x 13 7.98 Mtrs 8.90 Mtrs 10.06 Mtrs
14 x 14 10.46 Mtrs 11.66 Mtrs 12.54 Mtrs